We connect ambitous technical professionals and renowned companies

Our wide-ranging network of international clients forms the base for your exploring the field. We anticipate, where and when demand and challenging vacancies are imminent. And we sense, when a technical professional is ready for new adventure. At Helixons you get the oppurtunity to connect with ambitious projects.

Years of experience, specialised employees and sector-specific solutions, that is what you can expect from Helixons. We see to it that you are provided with flexible staff that is perfect for the position and your organisation. We aim for excellence.

Services for employers

Are you looking for candidates with a specific technical knowledge? Let us know and we will start looking for you. We make a clear commitment to you and do not work for competitors in the region. That way you are ensured of the best employees. We share our thoughts on all your HR issues. From payrolling to temporary staffing, from secondment to recruitment and selection. Whatever your question, we always come up with the best solution for your company.


When looking for flexible staff for your company you want a partner who knows the sector. We know experienced candidates for every position. If you want we can even recruit, select, place and assist in-house. That way we become a real extension of your HR department and take all of the work out of your hands. Currently we are operating in the sectors oil and gas, machinery, marine and offshore.


Our broad network of technical professionals ensures us to connect poeple from different competences.


The services of Helixons are characterized by complete solutions. This applies us to mediate for highly skilled employees. Our technical project managers could guide a project from start to finish. This ensures us to identify and solve the problems.

Process Improvements

The professionals of Helixons has the skills and knowledge about process improvements. They can assist your ogranization by implementing organizational changes. Effciciency results in decrease of costs. Our experts applies efficiency strategies by using tools such as Lean Six Sigma.

Right people in Right Position

Thanks to Helixons! Currently i’m working on a cool project for 2 years and having a great budget for self-developing

I’m incredibly pleased with Helixons services. They offer quality candidates & super quick support.

The diversity of engineeing projects at Helixons are great. We as engineers could help ech other by an weekly based interaction sessions.

Helixons offers the best candidates, they know how to reach the best skilled people.